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UK Towns and Cities beginning with X

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UK Towns and Cities beginning with X

OK we have had to cheat! There maybe many towns and cities in China beginning with X, but in the UK they are somewhat thin on the ground. These at least sound like they should begin with an X.

Exhall is a village in Warwickshire while Exeter, Exmouth and Exwick are all located close to each other on the River Exe in the gorgeous County of Devon.

Another location which rhymes with X is of course Exmoor National Park one of England's hidden treasures and we provide many Hotels and Inns in Exmoor

For those of you that have arrived at this page for a School Project, we hope the following helps in your research......

Towns and Cities beginning with X

Xa Binh Long - Vietnam
Xa Tho Thanh - Vietnam
Xadani - Mexico
Xai Xai - Mozambique
Xaitongmoin - China
Xangongo - Angola
Xanten - Germany
Xanthi - Greece
Xanxere - Brazil
Xayabury - Laos
Xenia - Ohio
Xi An - China
Xiamen - China
Xi'an - China
Xiangfan - China
Xiangxiang - China
Xichang - China
Xicotepec - Mexico
Xieng Khouang - Laos
Xienglom - Laos
Xiguan - China
Xilinhot - China
Xin Hui - China
Xingcheng - China
Xingning - China
Xingtai - China
Xinguara - Brazil
Xingyi - China
Xining - China
Xinya - China
Xola - Mexico
Xuyi - China
Xuzhou - China

Lakes beginning with X

Lake Xuan Huong - Vietnam
Lake Xaltocan - Mexico

Destinations in the UK beginning with Ex

Exbourne - Devon
Exbury - Hampshire
Exceat - East Sussex
Exe - Somerset
Exe - Devon
Exebridge - Devon
Exelby - North Yorkshire
Exeter - Devon
Exford - Somerset
Exfords Green - Shropshire
Exhall - Warwickshire
Exlade Street - Oxfordshire
Exley Head - Bradford
Exley - Calderdale
Exminster - Devon
Exmoor - Somerset
Exmouth - Devon
Exnaboe - Shetland Islands
Exning - Suffolk
Exted - Kent
Exton - Hampshire
Exton - Somerset
Exton - Devon
Exton - Rutland
Exwick - Devon

If you have any destination suggestions then we would be delighted to hear from you!

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UK Towns and Cities beginning with X